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Barzan : photo taken by Kurdo , March 1992

The first UN tents temporarily were established in the totally destroyed Barzan, in Bahdinan region, Iraqi occupied Kurdistan. This picturesque mountainous region in Bahdinan which is the birthplace of the latest Kurdish leader ( Mustafa Barzani ), was razed to the ground by Iraqi regime's army after collapsing Kurdish political and armed movement of Mustafa Barzani in 1975.

Barzan Area : Kurdo , March 1, 1992.

A distant view of Barzan in ' Bahdinan ' , which was destroyed after its demolition, killing, and deporting most of its people " Barzanis " by Iraqi regime's army after 1975. When Kurdish revolt for independence against Iraqi government's occupation collapsed by an international plot ( during the OPEC meeting of Iraqi, Iranian, and Algerian government in Algier in March 1975) .

If it was not for the Gulf War which had revealed Iraqi regime's barbaric atrocity and crimes against Kurds, this entire region of Barzan and its surrounding territories would have been sunk under a giant man-made lake that Saddam had already planned for the project that would have been finished in two years.

Fortunately the invasion of Kuwait in August 2,1990 had halted the construction of the water dam that would have been named "Bakhma".

Bakhma: would have been erased on the map by a giant man-made lake

Spring View - Iraqi occupied Kurdistan