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Dokan Lake, Kurdo- April 1993

Dokan is a beautiful resort town locates north west of Sulaymaniy. This panoramic view shows its famous man-made lake which is called " Dokan Lake ". It is a large water reservoir that supplies drinking and irrigation water to many towns and agricultural fields.

In addition to that, the dam's high capacity turbines generate strong power which provide electricity to several towns. Moreover, its natural beauty has created an attractive resort for tourists and picnickers.

Peera  Magroon

Peera Magroon is nearby Dokan in Sulaymaniy-South Kurdistan
( Iraqi Occupied ) Kurdo - April 1993

Kani Sard, Kurdo - April 1993

Kani Sard is a naturally setup area south of Dokan, near Sulaymaniy city where picnickers
go in spring or summer and set up their camps along this slow streaming,
breathtaking river originates from the Dokan lake.

Kani Sard - Kurdo, April 1993

This remaining castle dates back to eighteen century during Kurdish administered emirate.
Turkish empire had expanded out so vastly in its last two century of ruling in the middles
east, they could not have controlled everywhere themselves due to lack of manpower.
They had to create administrative regions and employ tribe chiefs or a high ranking
Muslim leaders to rule those regions.

Kani Sard - Kurdo, April 1993

The regional administrations were also applied in Kurdistan. There were four Kurdish administrations or emirate regions in South Kurdistan, north Iraq ; they were emirates of Baban, Botan, Ardallan, and Gizira. " Babans " were ruling Sulaymaniy region during the Baban emirate.

All were directily under constant contacts with Turkish authorities in Bahgdad and indirectly with rulers in Istanbul. Kurdish language had flourished, many writers, and poets emerged during those years with strong nationality movements. Unfortunately, the Kurdish emirates were almost always in constant disputes because of interferences of Baghdad's Sultans (Governers) and Tehran's kingdoms.

The central governers were always worried if Kurds would unite and create their own government. This would have consequently affect the Kurdish nationalism in Iran and all would have become a strong and unified power to separate themselves in one Kurdistan even before the collapse of Ottoman empire.

Kani Sard -  Kurdo - April  1994

Kani Sard -  Kurdo - April  1994

Kani Sard, July 2002