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Traditional Small Businesses

In small Kurdish towns or big cities in Kurdistan, one can observe varieties of traditional, old-fashioned small businesses, or shops that are related to or rooted in Kurdish cultural demands or necessities, such as privately owned small shops for goods and services. Examples of these are shown in the pictures below. For example, shops making traditional Kurdish shoes to be worn with Kurdish clothes either for men or women. In the mean times, there are stores which sell fashion shoes, ready made, or imported shoes which can be worn with other styles of clothes.

Klash maker (Kurdish traditional shoe maker) - August 2001

A Tea House - August 2001

Tea Club where men play Dominos - August 2001

Wooden household items maker - August 2001

In this picture above, related items for household uses are displayed, such as hand-held flour
refiner, on the left wall. Spinning sticks for making wool threads out of sheep's raw wool, displayed
in the hand of the shop owner. Rocking baby crib placed in front of the store owner. And other varieties
of useful tools for daily uses at home.

Mattress, pillow, and sleeping comfort maker

Two blacksmithes making iron tools with the help of a powerful melting furnace.
Unfinished pieces are crafted by using a heavy fast punching hammer.

A baker is baking fresh bread for customers

A shoe repairer at his shop

A wool Dyer at his dyeing shop

A bead sell
A bead seller in a worried Sulaymaniy street

Antiuqe Items