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Sulaymaniy's Old Markets

These markets in the photos below are in the original and old sections of the city where one can see the real and old tradition of business transactions. There are also fairly modern stores, shopping centers and malls in other parts of the city where people shop for appliances, electronic devices, even satellites. Recently offices or cafés have been opened for using and accessing the internet.

Sulaymaniy, Mayanaka : Kurdo - March 1993
One of the city's market where dairy and agricultural products are sold and purchased

Sulaymaniy : Kurdo - March 1992
People going home after working or shopping at a produce market

Whole Sale Market: Kurdo - April 1993

Flour Venders : Kurdo - April 1993

A Kurdish young boy helping his father sell flour for baking bread inn one of the city's street in Sulaymaniy.
After the UN sanction imposed on Iraq including Kurdistan, many people started doing businesses selling
rationales to residents, some of them had to be imported or smuggled either from Iran or Turkey.

Two boys collecting a neighborhood's bread leftovers
for lifestocks Kurdo - May 1994

Vegetables and Fruit Venders: Kurdo - May 1994
One of Sulaymaniy's street where venders on carts sell vegetables and fruits

Mayanaka - Sulaymaniy - Kurdo - April 2000
Where farmers bring their produces and sell them to  whole sellers

Mizgawti Gawra : Sulaymaniy Kurdo - April 1993
Another section of Sulaymaniy city where variety of shops are
and where people take transportation to other parts of the city

Sheesh Kabob: Kurdo - April 1993
Abbassi Kabobchee, is known in Sulaymaniy for his tender, well-done Kabob
and charcoal-broiled lamb meat. He constantly jokes around with his customers.

Another Sheesh Kabob restaurant- Sulaymaniy, April 1993