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Kurds will never die: Painted by Kurdo in 1989

The Iraqi barbaric regime attacked the innocent civilians of Halabja town by chemical bomb
near Sulaymaniy , on March 16, 1988

Humanity through history, especially in the twentieth century has never seen or experienced such a savage and barbaric crime committed against humanity and the most ancient nation " Kurds " by Iraqi Arab's regime. Those countries that sold such technology and forbidden chemical weapons have turned their blind eyes to Iraqi regime's crime.

Surpisingly, those countries that sold chemical weapons or supplied such technology to Iraq always talk about democracy and human rights. This proves that such countries put economic gains in front of other nation's human rights or humanity in general.

Here are some horrifying, and shocking pictures of the chemical bomb attacks on innocent Halabja Kurdish residents. Photos were taken by international journalists who could manage to access the city via Iran one day after the massacre.

She had tried to rescue her son to safety, but chemical
weapons technology did not allow them to survive

Dead bodies of Kurds dominating an empty neighborhood in Halabja

She and her siblings laying dead silently for UN observers
and international committee on Chemical weapons ban answers!!!

Halabja children started their dead morning for international Media's eyes

A mother and her child posing dead for the international mother's day

Nature and humanity will never forget and forgive such savage crime committed by Iraqi barbaric regime against Kurds and Kurdistan. History will forever blame other countries on earth for allowing such regime to be existed and be stayed on power and live among them after repeating many genocides and massacres !!