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Over 5000 innocent Kurds massacred in Halabja Chemical bomb attacks

A father and his lovely infant son had become a statue of
chemical bomb attack in Halabja - March 16, 1988

Dead bodies of Halabja residents were being unloaded for mass burial

Saddam's sickness did not discriminate the Kurds of all ages

Civilian Kurds did not make it to escape the chemical and nerve gas of Iraqi regime

A lovely Kurdish family ended up their lives in front of their home's door steps.
They were either on their way in or their way out

Even though this group of Kurds escaped the city of Halabja and reached the
nearby village of Anab, but the Chemical and nerve gas agents quickly spread
in the air and had blocked their escape routes to safety

A lovely Kurdish family had hugged each other in their living room
as their last struggle against Saddam's nerve gas

A Kurdish family could not make it to safety while crossing a shallow stream


Two Kurdish ladies had survived the Iraqi chemical attacks with too much damages on their bodies, who knows if they are still alive. There are still the effects of the chemical agents in the area and had altered genes of those had close contact with the agents during the attacks. There are still too many birth defects. Children are born with very unusual symptoms; such as disfiguration, and malfunction of internal organs. Moreover, there are too many miscarriages and premature death.