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Kuna Masee
Kurdo - May 5, 2000

Kuna Masee is another newly rebuilt village by its returned survivors after UN created safe-haven and no-fly zone to protect Kurds from further genocide by Iraqi regime's dirty plan that meant to eliminate or assimilate the entire Kurdish population of five million

Kaysan : Kurdo - May 4, 2000

Kaysan is another breath taking natural village rebuilt by their only ten percent of its original people who had made through all the hardships and oppression by Iraqi regime in the conrolled concentrations camps. The whereabouts of the rest of the people are still unknown.

Mawatt : near Sulaymaniy

Rekan : near Mawatt , Kurdo - May 5, 2000

Rekan is another beautifully located Kurdish village rebuilt by its returned survivors after the Iraqi regime had lost control in Kurdistan in 1991, after the Gulf War. UN has created a safe-haven and no-fly zone for the Kurds.

Mawatt vally , May 2002