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Kurdo - May 1994

Ahmedawa is one of the most attractive resort areas locates east of Sulaymaniy city. Its beauty and mountain covered trees is a breathtaking experience. The source of its sweet, cold drinking water comes from several large natural springs and melting snow in the high mountains of Iran's occupied Kurdistan.
In hot summers, people flock there for picnic. But during Iraqi occupation until the end of the Gulf War nobody were allowed to visit this area because it was part of a so called safety belt along Iraq-Iran border.

Iraq's main purpose was to depopulate twenty miles deep along the border. In that process, Saddam had destroyed all the villages along the border including five fairly large villages in Ahmedawa area.

Streaming Cold River In Ahmedawa Kurdo - May 1994

Misty Ahmedawa: Kurdo - April 2000