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Nobody hear from people in Iraq ( Kurds in particular and Arabs in general ) and listen to their horror stories that have been experienced by them for the last 35 years under the barbaric and savage regime of Saddam on this beautiful planet of earth . Nothing works with that regime either with inspections or any UN resolutions.  What if no weapons were found, he complied with all resolutions and came out clear handed from everything. Then, he will join other government clubs and international community . Soon, after one year many greedy governments around the world will make business contract deals with such beloved criminal regime at the expense of innocent Iraqi people!!.
If the sanction on Iraq ever be lifted completely, Saddam will not attempt to manufacture such weapons, instead he will buy them in ready-to-use packages. It might be no surprise if the world be misled again, because it has been happening for the last 35 years even during the last 12 years of UN sanctions.
For example; Saddam's forces had entered UN safe-haven and coalition's no-fly zone on August 29, 1996.  They had destroyed the Kurdish parliament buildings and killed hundreds of Iraqi opposition members.  Nothing was done to prevent or counterattack this aggression.  What Clinton had done was to launch some dummy Tomahawk missiles to the Iraqi desert south, hundreds of miles away from where Saddam had already accomplished his goal and plot ?? !!...
At this present moment, over hundred thousands US and British troops are in Kuwait, south Iraq. The war is inevitable and the readiness for Iraq's invasion is obvious regardless of any outcome from the final meeting of the UN security council on March 7, 2003.
Another debate with the looming invasion of Iraq is using Turkey's bases or territories by US troops to enter Iraq from the north via Kurdistan, Kurdish controlled or administered region. Turkey had asked  NATO members for protection if Saddam attacks Turkey. This does not make any sense. First, Turkey is the second largest NATO member and should not be afraid of  Saddam's big name since Turkey's military is ten times larger than Iraq's .  Second,  Kurdistan in the north has been protected by UN safe-haven and allied no-fly zone for the last twelve years  which separates Turkey's border from Saddam's controlled areas.  Moreover, Kurds have more than 70 thousands armed men who can protect Kurdistan and attack Iraqi army  if they ever attempt to enter Kurdistan.
Another attempt by Turkish government which has been their ambitious plan for a long time is to join US troops in invading Iraq. Their wishes had come true after Turkish top officials visited Washington in order to receive some aid packages for their cooperation with the US and to allow 62 thousands US troops to use their bases from where they can enter Iraq. The bases Turkey allows to be used by US troops is actually Kurdish land under Turkish occupation since world war one. No matter which direction US using to enter north Iraq it is still Kurdistan and Kurdish people's territory.
US has decided to give Turkey six billion dollars grant and twenty billion long term loan with additional military gears. In addition to that,  US has approved Turkey's demands to allow more than 40 thousands  aggressive and uncontrolled Turkish troops to enter Iraq via Kurdistan following advanced US troops. Now, Turkey's dream has come true!.  All this had took place without consulting either Iraqi opposition groups or the two major Kurdish political parties ( Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, PUK and Kurdish Democratic Party , KDP ). Both parties jointly have over 70 thousands armed Kurdish men.
If Turkey is a NATO member, it should never ask for any economic incentive or aid from either US or other NATO members in return for their cooperation.  Moreover, NATO was created in 1949 to deter the Soviet threats during the cold war. So, there is no need for the Turkish military to join US troops in toppling Saddam since US troops will be a large number and Kurdish fighters can assist them or guide them toward Iraqi regime's areas.  US troops carries the mission as a liberating force to remove the Iraqi dictator and liberate Iraqi people from the regime's tyranny and atrocities. US troops only transit Kurdish controlled Kurdistan, north Iraq, to reach regions where the Iraqi regime's armies are. There is no need whatsoever for Turkish troops to enter Kurdistan and Kurdish people are unhappy about this and it is totally un- acceptable because, :    
1. Kurdistan has been declared by UN as safe-haven and protected by allied no-fly zone since 1991.
2. Kurdistan has been out of Iraqi or Saddam's authority and rule for the last twelve years. Free of enemy.  
3. The two major Kurdish political parties have been administering Kurdistan democratically with full freedom.
4. There are several foreign humanitarian agencies all over Kurdistan aiding Kurds with their needs.
5. There is a new generation of Kurds who most of them have not seen barbaric Iraqi army or authority for the last twelve           years. This generation will reject not even any Iraqi authority in Kurdistan, but also any other forces who have bad  intention or unacceptable dirty plots.
6. Kurds in Iraq know how Kurds in occupied Kurdistan in Turkey are suffering under the military regime " My brother's enemy is my enemy" , "My brother's suffering is my suffering". Turks are not happy with what Kurds have accomplished in north Iraq since Saddam's defeat in the Gulf War. So Kurds know  what Turkey's dirty plan is when they enter Kurdistan.
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