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Also, in 1999, the whole world was misled and stood silent when Turkey with the aids of several countries were hunting the Kurdish liberation movement leader of occupied Kurdistan in Turkey, Ochalan, with a propaganda campaign  that his organization was terrorist. It is illogical and outrageous to label a legitimate political and armed movement of a big oppressed nation as terrorist.  The hunt for him was successful when he was captured in Kenya. Soon, after that the Turkish army launched a savage campaign to wipe out all the Kurdish fighters. No country mentioned anything about the barbarism of the military ruler of Turkey which has destroyed more than two thousands villages and towns of Kurdistan. Nobody mentioned the genocide campaign the Turks are using against the Kurdish nation of over ten million, who are different from Turks and have been living there for thousands of years even before the Turks conquered the current  region in 1519  which is called "Turkey" .
Currently, with the ongoing Iraqi regime's crisis at UN and around the world over mass destruction weapons that Iraq possesses  debates are in progress.  Iraq has been pressured by UN to declare all the weapons as a step to disarm the Iraqi regime from prohibited weapons. The inspections by UN started in 1991 after the Gulf War and lasted for seven long years  till November 1998. How in the world does it make any sense that the UN wants to find every Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear weapons in three month time frame if the UN could not have founded them in seven years?. This is a simple math without any arguments or discussions.  Moreover, Saddam can hide any weapon he wants without being founded even by Iraqi people there.
Bush's administration and some of his allies have changed their positions three times during the last ten months from toppling Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein to removing Iraqi regime and currently to disarming Iraqi regime. This creates misleading and confusing policy approach to be accepted by the world opinion. No wonder, there was an unsuccessful   agreement and conclusion by the UN security council members on February 14, 03. This had followed by unexpected mass protests all over the world against  war with Iraq and its invasion. Not to mention the unexpected splits by undecided France, Germany, and Belgium who are NATO members.
The major issue or topic by US and its allies from the beginning should have been Human Rights Issues for Iraqi people of fifteen million Arabs and six million oppressed Kurds in the north who have been under total inhuman, unjustified suppression and genocide for the last thirty five long years by Iraqi dictator " Saddam Hussein ". The topic should have been the destruction of Mass murderous body of the regime who creates all the miseries, fighting for Arabs and Kurds, and all the wars with its neighbors.  Ironically, Iraqi regime is still considered and treated by other countries and foreign diplomats as a legitimate government. And all contacts are made with its criminal officials who do not represent nobody's voices in Iraq, neither abused Arabs nor oppressed Kurds.

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