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Kurdistan in north Iraq has already been liberated and been safe since the end of the Gulf War with the great help of the United States and Britain and UN's safe-haven and no-fly zone . So, there is no need for the Turkish troops to enter the already liberated Kurdistan. Kurds themselves can protect the region with minimal aid of  US troops. Kurds are unpleasant anc concerned about this decision which  was announced on February 17, 2003  that 40 thousands Turkish troops will follow the advancing US troops.  If Saddam had no plan to attack Kurdistan, this Turkish involvement will create an atmosphere that Saddam will concentrate in north to attack foreign troops in Kurdistan and in between Kurdish people will  suffer terribly. Kurdistan will become a battle field between several forces.
Kurds in liberated north Iraq are concerned too much about this unfolding situation. Kurds have been enjoying their full self-administration and democracy for the last twelve years that no other nations in the middle east  had yet experienced it. Kurds do not want any outside power enter their territory except the liberating forces of the United States and Britain. Kurds do not trust the Turkish intention. If Turks are so generous and honest about helping Kurds in north Iraq during such crisis which has been their excuses to join US troops , we will tell them " No thank you." !.  They have better help and protect the human rights of the over ten million oppressed Kurds in Turkish occupied Kurdistan in south eastern Turkey. Nobody welcome any single Turkish military personal in Kurdistan whatsoever, no matter what excuses they have.
Here once again, Kurdish people are raising their oppressed ancient and modern voices to the entire human being on this planet, to the UN members, and  to the entire world's powerful countries to make everyone liable and be witness in the twenty first century of information superhighways. Kurdish existence and causes must not be ignored and be forgotten in the shadow of dirty plots in human's history.
We want the whole world know that Kurds are not minority or ethnic groups neither in Iraq nor in Turkey, Iran, and Syria. We want the whole world know that the term " Iraq's  territorial integrity "  is illegitimate, deniable, and illogical which has been used by Kurdistan's occupiers and self-centered  Arab and Islamic countries who do not want Kurdish issues and causes be mentioned and Kurdistan be separated from Iraq or other occupiers.  
Regarding Iraq, for example, they should state that  6 million Kurds  whose their country " Kurdistan " has been annexed to newly created Iraq after World War one have been facing systematic genocide. So Arab or Islamic countries should not be worried about the territorial integrity of their beloved Iraq.  Meanwhile, all those countries are crying every day to expel Jewish from of Israel or Palestine. What a double standard ambitious policy such countries have !!. On one hand, they want to liberate Palestine, on the other had they want to keep and steal Kurdistan regardless of the rights of  6 million human beings, Kurds.
It is about time for the entire world's population and UN to stand against injustice plots and aggressions committed by Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria against the most ancient, peaceful, and unique nation of 35 million Kurds on this planet. Let the unlawful past colonization and Ottoman empire era's ambitions be dismantled for ever for the sake of humanity and justice.
Liberating US troops can begin liberating Kurdistan and its people starting from Iraq. Then, the other parts will follow the steps . US needs to have a rich and reliable ally than depending on a beggar one.  We can not reverse thousands years of history, but we can make justifications and let all nations live in peace and harmony. If nobody, or country put economic interests and resources  in front of humanity, we can live together peacefully.  When the leftover mess of the Ottoman empire was solved in Kosovo, Yugoslavia, the leftover messes of that empire can be solved in Kurdistan, too. If East Timor of 700 thousands people be liberated on religious basis, why not the 35 million unique nation of Kurds be liberated  on nationality basis, but not religion.
It is time for the UN to review the maps of the world and find out which nation is still missing to have a representative in the United Nation. The answer is Kurd.  Kurds are the largest nation in the world without being independent in their own country , Kurdistan.
We all, the Kurdish nation are ready to assist and hospitalize the US and British troops in removing the most savage, barbaric, and horrible regime that has ever been existed on the surface of this beautiful planet. We will never forget their utmost courage and attempt to liberate the Iraqi Arabs and the Kurdish nation.  We pray for their safety and well beings. Centuries come and go, but perfect chances might happen only once. That is why, Kurds want to be heard and need to be rescued from such terrible situation by four ignorant occupiers.
Kurdish nation also demand not to be betrayed and sold again as previous dark chapters in history.  Kurds want to be protected and not be used as a tool in order to accomplish other country's interests. Kurds dearly demand the United States of America not to let any Turkish interference or involvement play any role in Kurdish nation's affair in the name of invading or removing Iraqi regime.  This will be the biggest test to be proven while the entire world will watch when events are occurring. History will be the best witness to tell new generations what had happened humanly and fairly during Iraq's liberation from Saddam's hell in the beginning of the twenty first century.
Kurds will be waiting for the answers and the entire world's justice will be written in history for world's new generations whether they will follow good examples for long lasting peace or repeat their ancestor's past mistakes to suffer from.

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