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The division of Kurdistan and life sentence that have been imposed on the Kurdish nation under four newly-created different states of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran were inhumanely, unconsciously, and unfairly decided by Britain and France after collapsing the Ottoman empire in World War One. Then, in the aftermath of World War two, no attempts had been made even by  the Soviet Union which had withdrawn its support and recognition for the one year-old Kurdish Republic of Mahabd in Iranian occupied Kurdistan in 1947.
The Cold war had come and gone between the free-market, democratic western satellite countries and the Soviet Union and its communist allies. Again, neither side had done anything to help liberate Kurdistan, since each side was competing over which country collaborate with them economically and militarily regardless of the nature of those regimes that have been controlling Kurdistan and oppressing its nation, Kurds.
So far, Kurdish cause has been abused and betrayed by unjustified decisions of powerful countries in order to gain political and economic interests of the Kurdish occupiers who control and steal Kurdistan resources regardless of the existence, dignity, and future of the biggest nation in the world which is still under colonization and genocide by Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. The first  sold-out of such betrayal was in March 1975 when Shah of Iran with the help of the United States had withdrawn all supports for the Kurds who were fighting the Iraqi regime in order to achieve an autonomy.  
The second sold-out was very obvious for the entire world when Bush in March 1991, after the Gulf war had backed off from his promise and decision to support Kurds in particular and Iraqi Arabs in general who were encouraged to upraise in order to topple Iraqi regime. Soon, after three weeks, eighty percent of Iraqi territories including Kurdistan were liberated by people who sacrificed their lives. Then,  green lights were given to Iraqi regime to use helicopter gun ships in order to crash the uprising which caused a mass exodus of more than two million Kurds and thousands of deaths while the whole world were watching without doing anything to stop it either by the UN or by other countries. What a new world order is?!.
Another time in the unpleasant history of humankind, blind eyes of greed and ignorance were turned to the naked aggression and massacre of Iran's Khomeny's regime in 1979 against Kurds  who were the first ones who stared uprising against the totalitarian regime of Shah of Iran ( Riza Shah ) who was toppled by Khomeny's Islamic revolution with the help of western countries just in order to block spreading communism from the Soviet Union.

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