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Postcard : Akre Town

Akre is a beautiful town in Bahdinan region locates north east of Hawler ( Arbil ). It is a town of over twenty five thousand people. Its location and setup are naturally admiring between three almost closed up high mountains. A visitor will never be able to see it from distance till the road gets real close and enters the main entrance of town. Kurds here are mainly farmers and some of them trade with nearby villages. There are also civil offices and schools.

Postcard : Akre
When one enters this town, the road ends here where the bottom edge of the photo appears. From that line beyond, one has to walk and use narrow pathways to reach to alleys and other neighborhoods. Winter here is extremely harsh.

Here is another photo of Akre taken in  Newroz ( Kurdish New Year)

Newroz in Akre  : photo taken 1996
Newroz means ( Nation of Sun ) or " Kurdish New Year "  of  the Kurdish nation

Fire flares beautifully illuminating evening sky of Akre in Newroz 1996. For the first time Kurds celebrating their national festival of Newroz in Kurdistan after the Gulf War which had defeated Saddam's army and eventually eliminated Iraqi authority in Kurdistan.

Only initially during the four years of autonomy of 1970-1974, Kurds celebrated their Newroz under watchful eyes of Iraqi officials. After collapsing the Kurdish revolt of 1975, Saddam eliminated Newroz as a National Holiday and Kurds lost that celebration till they got free from Iraqi government's control after the Gulf War.

After UN created safe-haven and no-fly zone for Kurdistan, for the first time in their life, Kurds freely practice their national new year celebration without existing Iraqi or any occupier's authorities.


Old Dallal Bridge: Photo taken by Kurdo , June 1993

This is one of an old bridge that had connected Bahdinan to old Ottoman occupied Kurdistan  region in north ( current Turkey). The bridge crosses over " Zehy Gawra" , or  " Big River " that generates from mountain areas of  Kurdistan . It dates back to more than six hundred years.
Distant view of Dallal Brigde

Duhok City - Iraqi occupied Kurdistan

Zakho Twon - Iraqi occupied Kurdistan


Landscapes in Kurdistan