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Turkish - Kurdish Issue
When it comes to removing Iraqi regime and its major related issue which is the over five million of Kurdish nation in their homeland, Kurdistan, another issue raises which worries Turkey is still the Kurdish nation's issue. This proves that the unsolved problems of occupations and colonization of Kurdistan by Arabs, Persians, and Turks.
Turkey which is the second largest NATO ally with a populations of more than ten million Kurds under their rule and oppression worries about the outcome after Saddam regime's removal. Kurds in northern Iraq have been enjoying and practicing their full freedom within the frame of their regional administered government under the protection of the UN-safe-haven and no-fly zone created after the Gulf War by UN, the United States, and Britain.
Turkish government is afraid that Kurds in northern Iraq may obtain their independence and settle in their own homeland without any new Iraqi government control. This will eventually encourage occupied Kurds in Turkey to follow the suit and demand for the same rights. Turkish military government covered by symbolic faces of parliament members threatens Kurds in north Iraq to use military forces if they would ever achieve their goals toward independecy.
Is Turkey still living in the outlawed past?, or taking advantage of being in the NATO?, and abusing its membership in the name of defending their national security at the expense of the full legitimate rights of the ancient Kurdish nation. Kurds have been living there even thousands years before Turks roamed through deserts of Mongolia, Central Asia, and eventually settled and occupied the Current Turkey in 1534, then used Islam as a tool to implement their goals.
Turkey has been in economic disorder for many years. If it was not for the United State's annual economic Aid and the International Monetary Fund that rescued their currency fallout, Turkish economy would have been in total collapse. European Union Community has been rejecting Turkish demands to join their economy just because of Turkey's human right's violation records and abuse against over ten million Kurds.
Turkey must realize that they will never lose anything if they leave Kurdish nation alone and have them practice their freedom. Turkey will have a better chance to flourish their economy and stabilize their politics, securities, and forever lasting peace if they forget about the five century old ambitions, expansions, and occupations. Turkey had succeeded in occupying north Cyprus in 1974 during the cold war just because of some leftover Turks who were still living there after the collapsing Ottoman Empire in War World One, but there are no Turks in Kurdistan if this will be their excuses.
Turkey has double-standared approach in the framework of NATO and in the world's policy. Turkey were concerned about the leftover Turks in Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina during the US-air campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999. Their wishes has come true when Yugoslavia was dismantled . Turkey currently with more than ten thousands troops are stationed in Afghanistan are leading the majority of the International Peace Keeping operation to help secure and establish the new Afghan government.
What is the secret here, on one hand, Turkey is denying the Kurdish rights in occupied Kurdistan in Turkey and oppressing its more than ten million people, not to mention its worries about Kurds in north Iraq. On the other hand, they are helping nation building mission in Afghanistan and Kosova. Are Turkish troops in Afghanistan on assignment just for that cause or they are giving favors mostly to Turkish population ( Ethnic Turks) in Afghanistan?.
Afghanistan from north to the middle where most the pasturing land locate was also roamed by Turks from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan who occupied and settled there as if they have been owning it. Most past and current tensions, disputes, fightings and quarrels have been happening there go back to those invasions.
So, if Turkey is acting legitimately toward peace keeping missions and nation building missions whether through UN or NATO why they are untrue about the Kurdish issues in Kurdistan and their problems that Turks created for them in the beginning.
Turks have better get lessons from the past and do not repeat past mistakes and dream about its past outlawed dynasty. This is the twenty first century of total awareness and human rights issues. It is an era of information super-highways and full communications. No crimes can be covered any more and be forgiven in the name of national security reasons of a country's unity. Actually Kurdish national security has been threatened and violated by Turks, but not the Turk's.
Let Turks and Kurds live in harmony as good neighbors, but not as enemies. Kurds do not hate any individuals as Turks or other nations. What Turkey will lose if they settle the Kurdish problems forever. Turkey also must never have any concerns about Kurdish freedom in north Iraq since Kurds will never threaten Turkish national security. We must not deny the reality, if Kurds were not Kurds, we would not have to waste time and write such articles like this.
After removing the Iraqi regime and the final outcome for the bright future of the Kurdish regional government in north Iraq, history will be witness for the rights and wrongs of human beings. This will be a big test and a giant step toward the causes of the past mistakes and the causes of the current struggles for the entire human kind and the entire Kurdish nations. This will be a big test for the UN and the western countries especially the United States and Britain that the Kurds mainly depend on them.
Nothing brings more prosperity, stability, and harmony than the long lasting peace