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Kurdish Issue In Iraq
As it has been documented and known that Iraqi government was created after collapsing the Ottoman empire in World War One in 1918 under the British mandate. The same decisions were made in creating Turkey and Syria. In that process Kurdistan and Kurds were ignored and divided into three parts.
South Kurdistan was annexed to newly created Iraq. North Kurdistan was attached to newly created state of Turkey. West Kurdistan was included to newly created state of Syria. East Kurdistan was taken and occupied by force by Iran during a Persian war with Turks.
Currently, it is obvious that the Kurdish nation of colonized Kurdistan are under the occupation and rules of four different countries or nations. There are over five million Kurds in Iraq who have been living where they call home or Kurdistan for thousands of years even before Arabs and Turks from Saudi Arabia and Mongolia respectively had any plans to invade Kurdistan .
Kurds speak a completely different language which is Kurdish. No Arabs can communicate in Kurdish and understand Kurds at all. Kurdish history, culture, norms, ideology, and life styles are also totally different from those of Arabs, Turks, Syrian, or Iranian.
When it comes to Iraqi issues such as removing the regime the Kurds are either ignored, forgotten, or the subject will be changed to Iraq's unity or territorial integrity of Iraq which means do not let Kurdistan be separated from Iraq. These are usually mentioned by Arab countries surrounding Iraq. Not to mention Turkey, Iran, and Syria's worries since those countries have already colonized Kurdistan.
Logically thinking or naturally practicing, no two nations can live together and be under one ruler. We are talking about millions of Kurds or a nation of millions of people. Let us remove "Minority" or "Ethnic groups" from vocabulary books of those who created such states and trying not to lose interests with such regimes and mislead world's opinion.
Let us ignore notions or speeches that are always mentioned such as; " Iraqi regime gassed its own people. Kurds are not Iraq's or any Iraqi regime's own people. It must be said " that Iraq , Iran , Turkey, or Syria are committing crimes against Kurdish nation". Moreover, let us not refer or accept comments such as killing thousands of Kurds by their occupiers as internal affairs.
No matter what kind of government rules or will be ruling Iraq, Kurds will still be living in Kurdistan and their population will increase through time. How this big nation and their issues be ignored either by Iraq or its neighbor's or outside powers just in order not to split Iraq or to keep its sovereignty. Iraq was not Iraq before World War One and it could be another Iraq without Kurdistan.
No Arabs can forever live in Kurdistan, so why they worry about Kurdistan's separation from Iraq. Kurds will never want to live south of Kurdistan in Iraqi desert. Kurds never had and will never have any ambition to have any piece of Iraqi land south of Kurdistan territory. The last twelve years after the Gulf war has been proving that. Under UN safe-haven and US-British jets patrolling Kurdistan, Kurds are administering themselves. Schools, offices, colleges, and universities are all in full function and in Kurdish language. Kurds go about their lives and this is the best test for Iraqi Arabs and other nations surrounding Kurdistan that peace can be achieved if all respect each other and do not fight over land and resources.
If only eight hundred thousands people in East Timor can celebrate their independence and liberation from the seventeen thousands Islands of giant Indonesia on the basis of religion only, why not over five million unique nation of Kurds on the true and legitimate basis of nationality have freedom and be liberated in their own land.
The same example is true about Yugoslavia that the oppressed nations on basis of nationality and religion have gained their independence after the US-led air campaign that helped those nations as Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo gain their independecy. Yugoslavia's problems also was created by Ottoman Turks who invaded that country three hundred years ago the same as they done when they occupied Kurdistan and still are holding northern part of it.
If Iraq wants its stability or any country in the region or in the world that will be having any interests must realize that the Iraqi problem is solved first by solving the Kurdish issue which is their nationality issue and must never be ignored neither by super powers nor by the United Nations since Kurds are a big nation and can contribute too much to the prosperity, peace and productivity in the world. No two nations can be under one rule. So it is clearly impossible and illogical that Kurds in Iraq or other occupied parts of Kurdistan be under any central government no matter  what kind of perfect democratic system they have.
To reverse such scenario or situation let Arabs, Turks, or Persians imagine and ask themselves if they would ever accept to be ruled by Kurdish nation or any other rulers.  certainly, they will reject it and fight against it. Of course, the same is true for Kurds who never want to be ruled by any other nation.
Iraq will look much nicer to have a good neighbor like Kurds. Kurds will be much happier to have Arabs as a good neighbor than as enemy. The same will be true with Turkey, Iran, and Syria. We are now in the twenty first century on this planet and Kurdish nation deserve to be free and independent like other nations in the world. Kurdistan must be decolonized and be returned back to its nation, Kurds.