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Removing Iraqi Regime
The Iraqi regime's Baath's party came to power on July 17, 1968 in a bloodless military coup which removed Abdul Rahman Arif. Arif was sent to exile to Turkey. This nationalist Arab regime has been ruling Iraq ever since. It has been a very long thirty four years so far.
What Iraqi people (Arabs) and the oppressed ( Kurdish nation ) have benefited from the government? . The answers are nothing but miseries, suffering, suppression, fear, and hardships . Iraq is a rich country. It is full of resources. It produces four million barrels of crude oil daily of which 60% generates from occupied Kurdistan.
Where all resources go and how billions of dollars of oil revenues, other resources and manufacturing goods are spent? The answer are that Iraq continuously buys all types of weapons and using them against Iraqi people. It also stock piles them in every corner of the country. Saddam had also deposited billions of dollars in Swiss banks and other investments around the world for himself, his family, and his Baath party. Saddam and his men live lavishly, he had built so far more than ten giant palaces which each had cost at least half a billion dollar.
Since Baath's regime took control over Iraq, the people have been through too many conflicts, horror, and instabilities. In April 1974 Iraq started an all-out war against Kurds till March 1975. More than fifty thousands Iraqi army and ten thousands Kurds were killed in that conflict. Then Saddam started eight years war with Iran from 1980-1988 which had caused the loss of million people and run Iraq in deep debts. Saddam only two years after that, invaded Kuwait. Consequently, the suffering of Iraqi people under UN sanction.
Iraqi barbaric regime is overdue to be toppled and removed by an outside power such as the United States of America and Britain. Kurds and Arabs in general and many military officers particularly have sacrificed too much and tried many times to dislodge that regime through attempted coups, revolts, and uprisings, but they failed since they never had an outside support and effective weapons.
Currently the main issue for toppling Iraqi regime has not only to be the mass destruction weapons; such as nuclear, chemical, and biological. Then, one would ask how about Pakistan, India, Israel, Iran, Korea's nuclear weapons capabilities?. The issue has not to be UN inspection teams to go back to Iraq whether to find sites of such weapons and destroy them. If UN team inspectors did not have accomplished their jobs in seven years from 1991-1998, how they could finish it in four to seven weeks !!?.
Iraqi people's grave problems are more than the weapons sites. They are about the mass murderous body of the regime who control Iraq and attempt to build such weapons. It the regime does not have such an already ready-to use weapons, it will built it after UN inspectors leave, or when sanction is lifted. From Saddam Hussein to the last member of his party have been committing constant crimes against humanity in every place, every single day, at any moment since July 17, 1968.
Iraqi people including the Kurds ( fifteen million Arabs and five million Kurds ) have been in complete captivity for the last thirty four years. The entire United Nation's representatives must
stand against that regime instead of allowing such barbaric regime to stay in power just to kill more innocent human beings in Iraq.
UN is an organization that represents all the nations, but Iraqi regime does not represent neither Arabs nor Kurds in Iraq. No one have ever elected that government to represent them. They came to power by force and they are using that force to stay in power and to suppress Iraqi people. UN must give favors to the nation's interests instead of unacceptable government's.
Human rights in Iraq ( for Kurds and Arabs ) have been gravely violated and no one clearly mention that. Reporters, diplomats, and foreigners, and journalists, in general do not have thorough knowledge about what is going on inside Iraq and with people's daily life on daily basis for the last thirty four years. Here are some examples
There are no freedom of speech, expression, and choice whatsoever ; for example, all newspapers, televisions and radio stations are controlled and run by the regime. There are
no political freedom, the only party is Saddam's nationalist Baath party. Anyone express their ideology and have any political activity, they are captured and executed immediately without any trials.
* Nobody can possess even an old outdated typewriter, video cameras, binocular, or any new technology devices. If any one captured with such devices they are jailed and killed. Everything in Iraq according Saddam's wish have to be under watchful eyes of his security networks. People are constantly live in the state of fear, terror, and horror. There are many incidents that men and women, young and old are arrested for no apparent reasons and their whereabouts are still unknown.
* Saddam has given his barbaric criminal followers full authorities. Anyone in his networks of terror can do anything they wish without followup investigations. No Iraqi people, especially Kurds have been having peace of mind for the last 34 years. This regime has done worse than Hitler, Stalin, Penochite, Taliban, Kamile Rough. Psychologically, Iraqi people's state of mind
have been damaged under that regime. It might take one or two generation under a democratic and full freedom till people would overcome their fears and regain their confidence.
* Majority Students can not choose their fields of study or majors according to their interests, mental ability and level of knowledge. This blocks the natural power of individuals and stops developments and capabilities of people which in return affects prosperity and growth of the country. In contrast, if a student belongs to the regime's party, he or she can choose any major of study at Universities. This is a total genocide of people's natural brain power.

The best method and solution to weaken and eliminate Iraqi regime, if all countries agree with true human rights and saving Iraqi people including Kurds are to expel Iraqi ambassador at the UN, to close down all Iraqi embassies and consulates all over the world and expel their officials. Then, use force to eliminate Saddam and all his murderous men around him in order to clean Iraq from fears of such savage followers. To put humanity issues in front of resource competitions, and to establish a democratic Iraq with full rights for Kurd and all opposition parties and Iraqi Arabs

Most importantly, to solve the Iraq's problems for long lasting peace and solution is to solve the Kurdish issues, the Kurd's cause. As long as international bodies ignore the Kurdish issues, the problems of Iraq in the region will stay there. It is impossible in the nature that a big nation such as Kurds be suppressed and ruled by another nation. UN represents all the nations on earth, but so far has put behind the reality and the future of forty millions unique and distinct nation, Kurds. Why it was reasonable and possible to help East Timor get its independence on the basis of religion, but Kurds as a different nation do not get such support to get their independence and be free at the hands of Arabs in Iraq and Syria, Turks in Turkey, and Persians in Iran.
So far, only the Kurds in north Iraq since the end of the Gulf War have been practicing their freedom under the protection of UN safe haven and no-fly zone. Kurds appreciate this protection and support. They are enjoying their full freedom and democracy. The region is prospering and people's life have improved morally and socially. Kurds hope that after Iraqi regime's removal could obtain and keep what they have accomplished and gained after the Gulf war.
Kurds is a different and a big nations in their own land and they deserve to be supported and recognized as an independent nation without being ruled by another countries or nations.