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UN Sanction On Iraq
After the US-led coalitions defeated Iraqi army and forced out its military from Kuwait in February 28, 199. United Nations has sent peace keeping troops along the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border, established offices in Kurdistan region's safe-haven, and other main cities in Iraq.
UN with majority votes of security councils and permanent members especially United States, Britain, and France had come up with several resolutions. The most known ones are; dismantling Iraqi regime from weapons of mass destruction and most of their conventional weapons such as long range missiles. To conduct such a complicated task UN weapons inspectors and special unit teams had to be sent to Iraq to find the sites where the weapon depots and factories are and destroy them permanently. The main purpose was to contain the regime and limit it to enough power only to defend itself !!.
For more than seven years till November 1998, UN teams selected from different countries had conducted their tasks and monitored many sites. During those years, there were also too many obstacles posed by the Iraqi regime. No one can trust such a dictator regime. If they showed the teams four sites, for sure they had hidden one for their future use. Nobody can search house by house or storage by storage. Iraq is a big country. If the regime keeps a storage-full of mass destructive weapons, it will be enough to destroy a country or a populated city with.
All neighboring countries :Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, and third countries had broken the UN sanction and started lucrative trade deals with the barbaric regime. In November 1998, the UN team inspectors forever were expelled from Iraq and left the regime to practice its total freedom and play with broken sanctions
It has been proven that sanction can not work forever to remove a regime. The best example and proof is Cuba which since 1963 that regime is under sanction and Castro is still there and nothing had happened to his regime. Only poor and majority of innocent people suffer. Such regimes always can find many loop ways to break the sanctions. Besides, other countries do not abide by it and will always create smuggling routes to provide a regime under sanction with its necessities.
In August 1996, Iraqi army marched back to Kurdistan region's safe-haven enclave which was protected by no-fly zone and UN. Saddam's troops surrounded the region's capital of Arbil (Hawler) where the Kurdish parliament was established with the help of western countries.
First, Saddam surrounded the town of (Ainkawa) and massacred over 150 opposition group's leaders and members. Then marched toward the parliament building ,destroyed and looted whatever documents and files where there.
In retaliation to this obvious aggression, Clinton responded only by slapping Saddam's arm lightly and launched several ineffective Tomahawk missiles to the deserts south of Iraq far away from both Iraqi troops in Arbil and the capital of the regime which is Baghdad. What Clinton done was to give political asylum to some eight thousands Kurds who had worked for the US nonprofit and humanitarian agencies. All were flown to Guam then after three months they were brought to the United States and settled in different states.
Another resolution of the UN after the Gulf War was the resolution of 698 which known as ( Oil for food and medicine). This helps sell exported Iraqi oil to foreign markets and use its revenue to buy rational foods, medicine, and humanitarians necessities for Arabs and Kurds. This has to be managed by UN assigned officials in regional offices. Kurdish regional government protected by United States and Britain has been benefiting from this aid to help run its administration and Kurds needs.
Kurds have rebuilt 80% of destroyed villages that were razed to the ground by Iraqi regime. The Kurdish share from the UN oil sales has helped rebuilt many destroyed schools, roads and irrigation systems. Kurdish people will never forget this great help and want to be protected and rule themselves even after toppling Iraqi regime or whatever type of government will be replacing the current one.
Kurdish main concern is nationality problems and occupation by the central regimes. Kurdish grave problem is not only with the Saddam's central Iraqi regime, but it also is with any Iraqi central government which ignores and suppresses Kurds.
If Kurdistan will become independent and Kurds rule themselves, Kurds will not need any outside assistance. Kurdistan is full of natural resources from oil to soil ; such as oil which 60% of exported oil from Iraq is generated from occupied Kurdistan. Water and agriculture; most water resources in the region comes from mountains in Kurdistan. Tigris main river which nourishes Iraqi soil in middle and south is made up of merging five heavy flow and long rivers, streaming from mountainous regions in Kurdistan.
Euphrates' river resource is also from mountainous regions of Turkish occupied Kurdistan. In 1991 the biggest water dam and the most giant irrigation system which had cost $10 billion dollars was built in the Kurdish region in Turkey. Turkey recently had signed a twenty-year contract with Israel to sell the Kurdish water and get weapons in return. Eventually, Turkey will use the manufactured Israeli weapons bought from Kurdish water against Kurdish people who own their land and water !!!!?.
Never the less, water is a crucial resource that many nations will face in the near future due to increasing population and global warming, but this Turkish freighting deal with Israel must alarm the UN and awaken the world body that life's resources such as water must not be traded for deadly weapons and be used eventually against a nation like the over ten million suppressed Kurds in Turkish occupied Kurdistan.
France which was joining US and Britain to patrol the no-fly zone withdrawn in 1996 from the agreement. France hopes the sanction on Iraq be lifted soon and start new weapons deal with the same regime which invaded Kuwait, has killing thousands Arabs, and massacred thousands of Kurdish with Chemical, nerve, and biological weapons.
What kind of logic is going on here. Is it business interest or only a big talk about human beings and human rights . Human beings do not want to be abused by governments as a tool to hide their an acceptable inhumane deals behind their masked faces. It is a shame for the entire humanity to let such a terrible regime like Iraq be on power which never served neither Arabs in Iraq nor oppressed Kurds in the north.
It is about time for people to be aware, open their eyes,and make their minds that such regimes must never be existed on the surface of our beautiful planet. Do not forget Stalin, Hitler, and Saddam. And we must never let such atrocities be repeated forever neither in Kurdistan and Iraq nor in any places on earth.