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Post Gulf War
After defeating the Iraqi army, Kurds in the north had upraised and liberated most of Kurdistan from Iraqi government's control. In the South, particularly Shitte Arabs also upraised and drove many Iraqi military basis out of their areas and pushed them to the middle where mainly concentrated in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.
The revolts against the regime had put the Iraqi government into the verge of any moments collapse. But unfortunately, Coalitions military leaders who were conducting the war's ceasefire had given the Iraqi regime permission to use fixed-wing air crafts and helicopters. As soon as Iraq was allowed to use his air crafts, the regime did not waste time to use them against Kurds in the north and Arabs in the South. Within three weeks, the regime crashed the uprising, killed thousands of people, and drove more than a million of Kurds into neighboring Turkey and Iran.
This s (photos) of Kurds by Iraqi regime at a time when the entire world were standing against Iraq's atrocities folded its courses in front of the eyes of the mass media and those countries that only three weeks earlier drove Saddam's invading troops out of Kuwait!!??..
When most of the World's public opinion stood up against such barbarism of Iraqi regime against Kurds, United Nations included some more resolutions in the ceasefire agreement. With the help of Britain's proposal, UN created Safe haven for Kurds in the north and two no-fly zones were added that would not allow the Iraqi jets to fly over 36 parallel in the north and below 32 parallel in the South.
The Safe-haven and no-fly zones had created a safe condition for Kurds especially to return back to their homes and start rebuilding their destroyed life. Ever since, the Kurds in the north have been out of the authority of the Iraqi regime with full support from the United States and Britain.