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Peace For

What puzzles me is this:
When an archaeologist discovers a piece of human being's bone in a remote site which might date back to hundreds or  thousands years;  the finding becomes  very famous and  published in many newspapers and magazines around the world.
In the mean time, when a group of modern people or a nation of the twenty first century are massacred by thousands and their villages are destroyed by a terrible regime or an occupier, nobody pay much attention and nothing will be done to stop such atrocities against the most modern humanbeing, instead blind eyes  are turned to the crimes as if nothing had ever happened.
All of the current crimes are being put behind for the sake of economic interest.
Examples of such crimes are Armenian massacre in Turkey 1923 , chemical bomb attacks on Kurds 1988, Brundie and Rwanda massacre 1994, etc...
Are people getting a lesson from the past or  ignoring the reality?!