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Uncertain Business
Kurdo , April 1993

These two hard working Kurdish men go about their uncertain life in Sulaymaniy city after UN had imposed sanction on Iraq including Kurdistan. People want full assurance of protection by UN and western allies and they never again want to be oppressed, be ruled, and be controlled by another nation or by any Iraqi regime.

Kurds are totally a different nation; their language is completely different and unique, their culture, life style, and their history are also far apart from Arabs and other neighboring nations occupying the entire Kurdistan. Britain and France in 1920 tried to give Kurdistan back to Kurds in the Sever treaty, but the new nationalist government of Turkey leaded by Kamel Ataturk crashed the Kurdish uprising and their political movement along with the infamous massacre of nearly one million Armenian.

New created Turkish government was never existed and Turks were worried about being surrounded by a would-be newly created Kurdistan for the Kurds in their ancesteral land. Kurdish occupiers still take the Lusan treaty for granted which was signed with Birtain in 1923 .

Before WW1 there were no such countries like Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Turkey...and so the middle east an independent country including Kurdistan. The entire region was ruled and controlled by the latest Islamic empire which was Ottoman or Turkish empire.

Ever since those countries occupying Kurdistan which are Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria have never admitted the reality that we are a different nation and we never want and appreciate to be ruled by them.

Kurds through history have respect for all the nations on this beautiful planet of Earth, including those nations or those country's governments that still occupying Kurdistan. And they should realize that nothing brings the region into prosperity and stability except peace and respect for each other's nation.

Kurds through centuries of Islamic and mangols occupation have never lost their identities and nationality. So whatever efforts are tried now to eliminate or to force Kurds to assimilate among them will be in vain and unsuccessful. Especially through this age of mass communication and rapid growth of advanced technology.

It is about time for Kurdish occupiers in particular and the entire world to realize that all nations on this planet including Kurds have to live in peace, respect, and dignity. Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past, the mistakes of history. Let us learn about past's lessons. People will lose nothing if they live in peace and harmony. It has always been proven that no body or no country win a war. If this is not proven, the consequences are there will still never be peace, trust, and stability.