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Peace For

Sanction, or economic sanction is the worst inhuman practice committed against Kurds. It is another form of genocide by Kurdish occupiers.
After the 1991 Gulf War, UN imposed economic sanction against Iraq in order to weaken the Iraqi regime till it will be isolated and be weak enough to be removed.
In that process, Kurd also fell under the same circumstance. Even though the 698 UN resolution of Oil for food and medicine program somehow helped Kurds, but the uncertainty still worries Kurds.
Kurdish problem is not food and medicine. Kurds have nationality problems with their occupiers.
Sanction has not yet toppled Cuba's regime since 1961. How it would have any effect on the brutal Iraqi regime.
The only one suffers most are majority of the poor people. It has already been ten years and the regime is still there and enjoying the media's attention with a hope of lifting the sanction and return to Kurdistan again to butcher Kurds.
Kurdish occupiers have always been using economic sanction against Kurds. This is not new to Kurds.
It is imposed on Kurds in order to weaken them all the times and not to let them prosper and improve their lives.
They are genociding Kurds and destroying their homes and villages. How they would hesitate to deprive Kurds from economic growth.
By sanction, Kurds become less dependable on themselves and on times poor Kurds been hired and bought , as mercenaries, by their occupiers to carry arms against Kurdish people and national insurgencies.
UN has to extend humanitarian aid and support with peace keeping force or supervision for the time being, in other parts of Kurdistan, in Turkey, Iran, and Syria in order to eliminate their occupiers of depriving Kurds from their life's basic necessities.
Such UN assistances allow Kurds to be more independent in order to accomplish their basic tasks of their life till circumstances allow them to become politically active and decide for their separation from their occupiers.