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An Uprooted Kurdish Family Awaiting Help
Photo taken by Kurdo , April 2000

An uprooted Kurdish family returned to their destroyed home after UN created Safe Haven and NO-Fly zone for southern occupied Kurdistan after Iraqi army was defeated by international
coalition forces in the Gulf War in 1991. The sister in-law and her five children including her hasband of the housewife standing in this picture with a white scarf have all got killed in the chimical bomb attack in Halabja after they had been deported and relocated in Halabja.

Nesting in the chest of their mountain

Kurdo - April 1993

Five uprooted Kurdish families have replanted themselves in the bottom of Azmar mountain in the outskirts of Sulaymaniy city. They were deported from the oil-rich city of Kirkuk ( located 100 Kilometers-or 63 miles- south east of Sulaymaniy , and their homes were taken by newly-relocated Arabs in the Iraqi regime's Arabization genocide program against depopulating Kurdish residents and Arabize Kurdistan land gradually.

This inhumane, and barbaric practice is still going on as a slow death to Kurdish population where they have been left in the mercy of that regime after the Gulf war of 1991

Distant view of the dwellings. Kurdo - April 1993

When Kurds upraised and retook Kurdistan back to Kurds after Iraqi army's defeat in the Gulf War, they also liberated Kirkuk city. But this liberation did not last long, because, for one thing, western countries instead of mentioning Kurdish victory in liberating Kirkuk, they stated, with worries , that Kurds had controlled the oil wells, the oil rich city of Kirkuk. In the mean time, they already had given Iraqi regime permission to use fixed-wing air crafts which were used in crashing the Kurdish rebels in Kirkuk. Hundreds or thousands of Kurds killed or massacred in the heavy counter attack against Kurds.