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The last two years of the World War Two, Iran from north was controlled by the Soviet Union, and the rest of it by Britain. That time was helpful for Kurds in order to give birth to Kurdish nationality movement and to be free from centuries of oppression and occupation by Iranian rulers.The central government of Tehran had lost authority in Kurdistan.

Kurds with the protection of the Kurdistan region by Russia took advantage of the situation. Intellectuals, tribal leaders, and undercover political parties had joined their efforts and strengthened their national unity in a solidified frame to create a regional government for east Kurdistan.After several meetings and consultations, they structured the backbone of a working government by assigning cabinet members, ministers, and their elected president ( Qazi Mohammed ).

On January 22, 1946, the newly self-created government of Mahabad announced for the Kurdish public and proclaimed their republic at the ( Chwar Chira Square ) which mean, Four-Lamp Square, in Mahabd city. Unfortunately, after settling the aftermath of the war and establishing basis of Soviet military in eastern Europe, Soviet Union withdrew its troops from north Iran, virtually from Kurdistan, and the new Kurdish republic of Kurdistan was left unprotected and became vulnerable for its main enemy, Iran.

Shah of Iran with encouragement from Britain, had sent sweeping barbaric military back to Kurdistan and eventually surrounded Mahabad city. In that campaign, they captured and hanged the Kurdish president and his ministers at the Chwar Chira Square on March 31, 1947.This vicious attack and overthrowing the government had ended the first attempt of establishing a Kurdish republic in eastern Iran...Here are some pictures of the Kurdish republic , its president and his final moment in the eyes of the world.

Qazi Mohammad ( standing ) salutes on the day the
Kurdish Republic of Mhabad was proclaimed at
( Chuar Chira square ) , on January 22, 1946

The cabinet and officials with president Qazi Mohammad ( front )
of the Kurdish republic of Mahabad, east Kurdistan, in February 1946

Kurds celebrating the newly established Kurdish government
at the Justice Department in Mahabad, on March 26, 1946

Qazi Mohammad, Kurdish president, in his office, 1946

One-year-old Kurdish president, Qazi Mohammad
was executed by hanging along with high ranking
Kurdish ministers at ( Chuar Chira square ) by
Monarchey, Shah of Iran in March 31, 1947

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