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Peace For

Genocide is the worst vicious and barbaric atrocity committed by a ruler or a regime against a group of people, minority , or a nation. It is the monstly-known horrible crime against humanity.
Genocide against another nation takes place in variety of forms in order to eliminate the existence and identity of that nation.
Genocide committed against Kurds by nationalist Turks, Arabs, and Persians is undeniably going on at this present moment.
Not only Kurdistan has been divided into four parts after the World War One, but also each part is under total occupation, and their people (Kurds ) have been facing genocide.

Kurds are not allowed to practice and use their native language,Kurdish Language. They are systematically under suppression and control.
Kurds are also not allowed to practice their fundamental rights; such as freedom of speech and choice .
Moreover, most of the Kurdish villages have been destroyed to the ground in Iraqi and Turkey occupied Kurdistan.
In Turkey, Syria, and Iran, Kurds have almost forgotten about their identities. No Kurds can speak or study in their native language neither in schools nor at offices.
Kurds have also been forced directly or indirectly to be deported or relocated in order to be assimilated with none- Kurds who control them.
Kurds are the victim of the forceful occupation and wrong division of their own country. The occupier states that control and genocide Kurds should not be called less than terrorist states.