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For Planet Earth

We Kurds from Kurdistan and abroad express our deep sorrow, condolences, and sadness for the victims of the vicious terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington which brought this terrible tragedy to the land of democracy, freedom, and prosperity in America.
Standing united and strong against the evils and terrorists are the first priority of every nature loving and peace loving citizen in America and other nations around the world on this beautiful planet.
Kurds whose country (Kurdistan) is still under occupation have always been the victim of barbaric and systematic genocide by their occupiers through the last thirteen centuries up to this moment at the hands of nationalist Arabs, Turks, Persians,and hardheaded Islamic rulers in the region.
Arabs, in the first place , had abused Islamic religion and used it as a political tool to occupy beloved Kurdistan and other countries in the region as well.
This imitation of religious abuse has been followed by Persians in Iran ,Turks in Turkey, in addition to Arabs in Iraq and Syria.
When Iraq had attacked Halabja town with chemical weapon in Kurdistan on March 16, 1988 and also destroyed over 4000 Kurdish villages and towns from 1979-1989, neither an Arab nor an Islamic country had condemned those vicious attacks and barbaric policies against Kurdish nation.
In the meantime , they consider Kurds as Muslims. But, Kurds are not, because Islam has been imposed on Kurds by force and occupation.
The only countries so far that have come to protect , rescue and assist Kurds especially in north Iraq (South Kurdistan ) are the United States Of America and the United Kingdom of Britain.
Both countries have been protecting the UN created safe-haven and no-fly zone in Kurdistan from Saddam's aggression against Kurds after the 1991 Gulf War.
Kurds will never forget the great assistance and sacrifices of the UN and the western allies in Kurdistan.
I hope that the entire planet of earth be cleaned out from occupiers, racism, genocide, oppressions, atrocities, barbarisms ,terrorism, extremism, fanaticism, stone-aged ideologies, and religious abuses.
Long live for all best-hearted humankind and ever lasting peace and prosperity on this beautiful planet that we all share and live on it. Let all live in harmony and peace.


Peace and Freedom for

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