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Q. Where Kurdistan is located ?

A. Kurdistan locates in northeastern of the middle east region. The country is bordered by Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. The Kurdish population division of Kurdistan is as follow :

    43%    in Turkey
    31%    in Iran
    18%     in Iraq
      6%     in Syria, and
      2%     in the former Soviet republic of Armenia.

Q. What Kurdistan stands for ?

A. Kurdistan consists of two words; Kurd ( i ) and Stan. Stan is an ancient word which means state , land, or country. ( i ) is possessive pronoun as ( of ). This makes the complete meaning of Land of the Kurds or Country of Kurds which has been known as Kurdistan for centuries. This is true for other nation's countries such as Turkmenistan, Armenistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, ..etc...

Q. Is Kurdistan an independent country ?

A. Unfortunately, at present, Kurdistan is still unrecognized internationally as an independent country. This makes one think " Why there are smaller and less populated independent countries that are members in the UN ?!! " , such as Djibouti, Kuwait, Qatar, Moldavia, Latvia....
Kurdistan has been divided into four parts ( territories ) by Britain and France after collapsing the Ottoman empire or latest Islamic Empire in the World War One. Currently Northern part is occupied and ruled by Turkey, Eastern part by Iran, Southern part by Iraq, and the western part by Syria.

Q. Has Kurdistan ever been an independent State ?

A. Kurds have lived in their land freely for centuries ever since the evolvement of human Sapiens or  Modern Human being. Just like Arabs who had lived in their land ( Arabic peninsula ) without having an internationally official state name. After Arabs or ( Islam's prophets ) had spread their religion by forceful occupation to other nation's land, Kurds had fallen under Arab's or Islam's occupations like other nations in the region; such as Persian, Egyptian, and others...
For nine centuries Kurds like other nations were ruled and oppressed by Arabs or Islams. In 1514, Islamic rules fell at the hand of Turks or Ottomans empire till the final days of the World War One. Kurds had come under the mercy of unjustified, unfair, and illogical decisions of Britain and France.

Britain and France had started dividing and mapping the region according to their interests. As a result, many new countries were created in the middle east such as; Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, etc.... Unfortunately, in that process which was designed according to their economic interests, Kurdistan was divided into four parts and each part was annexed to a newly created states of Turkey, Iraq,and Syria .., but ( Kurdistan in Iran was taken by Persia after a battle with Ottoman Turks in sixteen century).

Q. Does Kurdistan have natural resources ?

A. Kurdistan has varieties of rich natural resources. Most of the land is fertile and agricultural due to the best quality of soil and water resources. There are five main rivers originating from the snow melt of the high mountains and deep springs. In 1991, Turkey celebrated the opening of the biggest water dam in the world built in the occupied Kurdistan which has the largest irrigation system and hydroelectric power.

Moreover, Kurdistan has Oil, or Petrol.  60% of the Oil produced in Iraq belongs to Kurdistan or Kurdish people. Syria produces only 500 thousand barrels of Oil per day and all belongs to Kurdistan. In addition to those mentioned above, Kurdistan is rich in other natural resources such as Uranium, Coper, Iron, Aluminum, Coal, and many more...