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Shoe Shiners - Kurdo , August  1977

These two young Kurdish Shoe-shiner boys were deported with their parents to the big city of Sulaymaniy. Their village was destroyed and razed to the ground by Iraqi regime's army in 1976. Since their life's structure was destroyed and lost their schooling, they had to struggle to make their living and support their family in such a big city compared to their small village.
Here is another related photo taken in Sulaymaniy

Bar Sarah , taken by Kurdo - 1993

Affecting long time oppression and continuing sanction on Kurdistan have made people, young and old to do low-level, less-cost, and less-demanding skilled jobs just to earn enough money to cover some of their family's needs.

There are many instances; such as civil engineers who struggle to make their living and selling Newspapers. Why innocent people have to suffer just because a dictator or a criminal regime created such problems and the UN and the World body do not take swift action to rescue population of human beings from such regimes or situations.

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