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Peace For

Kurds are one of the oldest ancient nation and one of the biggest ethnic group in the world without having their own country (Kurdistan) to be ruled by themselves.

Kurdistan , at present time is not recognized internationally as an independent state . Kurdish population is estimated at more than 30 million.
Kurdistan has been divided into four parts after World War One and Kurds currently are ruled, oppressed by Turkey, Iran , Iraq, and Syria.
Kurds, like other nations on this beautiful planet want to live in peace and want to share that peace and harmony with other nations instead of being ruled by other nations that do not have any rights to occupy other nation's country and genocide their people.
Kurds are as human beings as they are and as unique nation as they are.
Let us all realize and do not go by old history and old books. This planet belongs to all human beings and to all nations.
We all have to live in peace and share resources instead of occupying other nation's country and suppressing their people in order to steal their natural resources. This is what Kurdistan and Kurds are suffering from.
Kurdistan is full of natural resources from water to oil.