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West Kurdistan
( Syrian Occupied Kurdistan )

Kamishliy - a Kurdish city in Syrian occupied Kurdistan

Western Kurdistan had fell under the occupation and control of the newly created state of Syria after collapsing Ottoman empire in World War One. The are is the north eastern or today's Syria on a map.

The Kurdish population is more than two million. They are treated less than second class of citizen. All Kurdish rights have been taken away and violated. They are denied to use Kurdish language. They neither have any securities in their lives nor any political rights.

They have been assimilated among Arab citizens and are replaced by new Arab settlers. A total form of genocide are facing Kurdish population in the nationalist ruled regime of Syria. Through the last century consecutive regimes of Syria and Iraq have cooperated together to suppress Kurdish political movements.

West Kurdistan is an agricultural fertile land and has many oil wells. The ( Syria ) 's total daily oil production of 500 thousand barrels of crude oil generate from Kurdistan and all belongs to Kurds. This supplies Syria's daily demands for oil. The water resource with fertile soil make that part of Syria's occupied land very rich in agricultural and crop productions.

Turkey which controls the water flow into Syria always used water as a bargaining chip with Syrian regime either on political or territory settlements. The recent evidence is the backing off the Kurdish political movement of Kurdish Labor Party of Turkish occupied Kurdistan in 1998.

Syria had aided that party and let them administer their offices and operate their movement basis in Syria for over ten years. When Turkey realized that the Kurdish movement had gotten strong and internationally were about to be recognized as a true speaker for Kurds and a liberator for Kurdistan, they had put tremendous pressure on Syria's regime to discontinue assisting and supporting the PKK. Turkey put military troops along the Syrian border and threatened to invade Syria if the regime would not comply with Turkish demands.

Syria, on the other had, in exchange for water supply rights with compound pressure from Turkish western allies had no choice but to accept Turkish demand. All these betrayals caused to the capture of the party's leader Ocalan, and weakened the movement for a while. Kurds know well that they are surrounded by enemies, and are aware they will be betrayed by one side even though another side use them as a bargaining chip.

If Syria defends on Golan Heights which lost it to Israel in 1967 war and claims Palestine land for Arabs why they are occupying Kurdistan? Why they are controlling another nation's land? Why they are genociding Kurds while they want to protect Arabs in Palestine.

All these just because Britain and France gave them part of Kurdistan by mistake for granted after World War One. All these because their allies turn a blind eyes on their crimes.