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East Kurdistan
( Iran's Occupied Kurdistan )

A Kurdish Village in Kurdistan ( west Iran )

Another part of divided and occupied Kurdistan ( the eastern part ) is in Iran (north western Iran)
There an estimated ten million Kurds. Iran's or Farsis ( Persian) do not consider Kurds as a different nation and they do not want to admit that reality at all.

They claim that Kurds are Aris or "Aryan" and Kurds should never separate themselves from Iran. So by default they claim Kurds are Iranian or Persian. If that is true why they call us Kurds in the first place , or if that is true, they should never mention this explanation.

On the other hand, if Kurds were Iranian or Persian why Kurds would bother themselves to separate themselves from Persian. There are only few semi-similar vocabularies in our languages. And this happened through centuries of oppressions and interactions between the two nations.

Kurdish language is still one of the most untouched, unchanged, pure unique language used by Kurds for centuries after all occupations and oppressions by Arabs, Mongols and Ottomans Turk's . Even Islamic language had not made any impact on Kurdish language. Of course, there are a few changed words used informally by regular city people, but literally and in general any Kurd can speak their native language without using any foreign vocabulary.

Another example to distinguish between Kurds and Persians is Kurdish Clothes. You will never find any Persian speaking person in entire Iran wearing a cloth to be even similar to Kurdish traditional clothes.

A  Kurdish village

Kurds also admit a reality that Iranian or Persian somehow respect Kurdish existence. One of the admiring proof is when one goes deep inside Persian territory might see a Kurd who would be on vacation or business trip walking on a street with his or her Kurdish clothes. In addition to that, most Kurdish village are still standing and people are dwelling in their places.

Unfortunately, other cultural rights have been taken away from Kurds. Kurds are not allowed to study in Kurdish at schools or communicate at offices in Kurdish language. Iranian language instead is imposed on them to be used officially. This is a true form of genocide to eliminate the core of Kurdish nationality or identity which is Language.

A  Kurdish village in ( west Iran )

Similar to Iraqi regime, Iranian government has military bases in every town where Kurds live.
There are military check points on roads leading to places where Kurds live. Besides that, there are also Security Forces and government offices in every town and all run by Persian, but not Kurds. This proves Persians are closely watching and controlling Kurds in their normal daily life.

Hopefully when Kurds get their independence and freedom, there will be harmony and understandings between Kurds and Persians. And uncertain situations and conflicts will be eliminated. Life will improve and people will prosper in peace and stability.

Mariwan, Eastern Kurdistan - Iran