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In Iran
Iran and Kurdistan Map

East Kurdistan is the eastern divided part of Kurdistan locates in north western Iran. East Kurdistan is controlled and ruled by Iran or Persian nation.
Kurds here speak the same dialect of southern Kurdistan ( Iraqi occupied Kurdistan) which is ( Sorani ) dialect.
Through history there were battles between Iraqi ruled Islamic Khalifas or leaders and Ottomans, or Turkish rulers of Islamic empire and Iran.
In the fierce battles of (Chaldiran) in 1514, Iran captured the eastern Kurdistan and ever since it has been occupied and ruled by Iran.
Without having any choices and been captivated between two empires , Kurds were forced to fight for both sides who had more influence and pressure on them.
Kurds participated in the fighting, in the meanwhile they had never wanted to submit themselves to either Arab's occupiers or Turkish barbarism.
Kurds now in Iran do not have any freedom at all. They are forbidden to use their language neither at schools nor in offices. They are facing a total different form of genocide.

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