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North Kurdistan
(Turkish Occupied Kurdistan )

North Kurdistan, or ( Turkish occupied Kurdistan ) locates south east and eastern areas current Turkey on the map. Kurdish population is estimated at more than twelve million. Kurds are the second largest ethnic national after Turks. Kurds speak in Kurdish language ( Kurmanji dialect ); the same dialect as Bahdinanis in south Kurdistan and Syrian Kurds. The other Kurdish main dialect is ( Sorani ) which is spoken by Kurds in Iran and the rest of Kurdistan in Iraq.

North Kurdistan fell under control of Turkey after World War One when the Ottoman, or Turkish empire collapsed. In the Sever Treaty of 1920, Britain and France had decided to create a Kurdish state for Kurds like the other newly created states. The delay of the process by European allies and increasing British influence in newly created Iraqi state and the rise of nationalism by the newly created Turkish government's general Ata Turk, caused the treaty to become invalid which was abolished in the Lusan Treaty in 1924. In that agreement, Turkey lost control in most of the oil rich Kurdish region of north Iraq ( Mosel area ) which was annexed to Iraq.

The new Turkish republic's leader or military general Ata Turk started to make a big reform in the favor of Turkish nationalism ideology; He had made the newly created Turkey with north Kurdistan included as a military regime. He wanted to separate the Turkish state from Islamic world after the Turks took advantage of Islam for six centuries.

They changed the Arabic writing format to Latin. This had also fallen Kurdish language into their reform. They first started finishing other ethnic groups by massacring over one million Armenians of the north eastern Turkey in 1923. Then they eliminated all the Kurdish uprisings and separatist movement by arresting the Kurdish leaders and executing them.

Kurds now in Turkey do not have any freedom. Most of the Kurds have been dispersed out in Turkey and they are being assimilated among Turkish population. Kurds are now facing the worst form of genocide in human history. They are not even treated as second class citizens. Kurds are systematically under total oppression and abuse.

Kurds do not dislike or hate Turks as a people. They want to convince the Turkish government that they are a different nation and they want to be treated humanely and want to have their rights be respected and be ruled by themselves and would become a good neighbor as long as they live in the region.

Turkish government is suffering too much because of not solving the Kurdish problem. I am sure Turkey will prosper more than ever if the government would resolve the Kurdish issues logically. The same is true for the Kurds as longs as their issues are not solved they will suffer as well .

One should not deny the reality. Kurds are a different nation and they have different demands to be met. This can not be accomplished by a different nation and Kurds can never be ruled by another nation. Kurds can be a great helpful neighbor in the time of peace and uncertainties.

All the assistance the Turkish government receive from the western allies, especially the United Stated of America, from International monetary funds to military gears can be used much more reasonably and wisely for the Turkish poor people and their needs rather than be blown by bombs and securities against the peaceful nations of Kurds.

Kurds and the entire world nations know that Turkey is the second largest NATO member. Kurds also know that Turkish NATO membership should not be meant to abuse it against Kurdish people in the name of security reasons. Turkish excuses to convince their allies are that they use their forces against terrorism and to protect their sovernity. But this is logically and undoubtedly are illegitimate excuses because no one can deny the rights of more than twelve million Kurds and label them as terrorists. Moreover, Kurds will never be Turkey's threat even if they become independent in the future.

So far more than three thousands Kurdish villages and small towns have been abandoned and erased on the map in Kurdistan and their people have been genocide and deported to other parts in Turkey till they become assimilated and would be exterminated after one or two generations. This in itself is an act of barbarism and aggression and the UN and other NATO members must not be silent or turn blind eyes to Turkey just because they have membership and have license to kill.
Here are some pictures of the Kurdish struggles in Turkish occupied Kurdistan.

S.Said Peran and hundreds of his followers
were gathered by barbaric Turkish military forces
before their execution in 1923 after the Kurdish
revolt against Turkish occupation

A Kurdish villager is being arrested by Turkish military
on suspicion of sympathy for Kurdish insurgency movement

A group of Kurdish villager are being led by
Turkish army to their unknown fate

A significant number of Turkish army have
gathered and arrested some Kurdish activists
for their unknown future