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Map of Kurdistan
The yellow area shows where Kurdistan is in the north of middle east

Kurdistan is as big as France. Kurdistan is composed of two words; Kurd and Stan.

Kurd or Kurds ; means the nation of Kurdish people whose language is Kurdish which is completely different from other languages in the neighboring Kurdistan . Kurdish culture and history are also unique.

Stan; is an ancient word which means Land , State , Country , or territory where the people of that land or country live or have been living there for centuries through human being's or (Homo saphine's ) evolvement on this planet. This suffix name of Stan is also true with other nation's countries ; such as Afghanistan (Afghani-Stan), Armenistan or Armenia ( Armeni-Stan), Hindistan (Hindi-Stan) or India, Tajakistan ( Tajaki-Stan), Turkmenistan ( Turkumen-Stan), and so on...

Before World War One, the entire region of middle east and north Africa from Morocco, north west in Africa to Iran and from Sudan to Turkey were ruled and controlled by Islam's or Islamic empires. Islam had imposed its religion on all the nations whose countries occupied by them or by Arabs.

Arabs had used forces fiercely in order to make those nations obey Islam and convert them to Islam. They were told that all were Muslims and had to forget about their nationality or territory. Kurds like other nations had become victimized of such misleading and atrocity. Arabs also had used Islam as a political and oppressive tools against other nations only in order to occupy and control their territories and resources.

Arab's main purpose was to colonize other countries and submit their nations under Islamic umbrella or Arab's control. After collapsing the latest Islamic empire which was ruled by Turks in the last five centuries of Islamic empire. " Turks came originally from Turkmenistan and Magnolia in the thirteen century " .

After collapsing Ottoman, or Turk's empire in World War One, the entire Islamic empire ended its dynasty and control. The region came under control of Britain and France. These two then-superpower countries in the region had come up with a plan to divide the region according to their interests regardless of the nationalities of those countries that were under Islamic rules for centuries.

In that process, Kurds, or Kurdish nation and their country had become the victim of that unjustified decision. Britain and France divided Kurdistan into four parts and they placed each part in the territory of newly created states of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and its already taken eastern part by Iran in 1514 war of ( Chalderan ) with Ottoman empire.

Occupied Kurdistan , created by Kurdo, October 2001

Each divided part of occupied Kurdistan, under different regime or ruler is like a giant concentration tent camps for Kurds. They are cut from the outside world. They are under constant oppression, sanction, and genocide. Kurds are even completely isolated without any communication with other Kurds in other occupied parts of Kurdistan.

What normally the world community hear about Kurds is only when a big massacre is committed against the Kurds. And the news would not last long and nothing would be done to punish the aggressors.

When the UN or the powerful countries shut the doors on Kurdish issues quickly, we believe that they do this in order to make our enemies be forgotten and be blameless. Realities should never be ignored and past mistakes and unjustified division and occupation of Kurdistan can be corrected.

Arab country delegates in the UN Racism conference in South African in August 2001 had continuously tried to bring up Zionism issues in front of the world community and condemn Jewish as racist because they have been occupying Palestine. In the mean time, they neither turned around that question to themselves that two Arabic countries have been occupying Kurdistan, nor a country's delegate had brought up the Kurdish issue, just in order to make Arabs or other middle eastern countries lose their claims for their demand.

Since two parts of Kurdistan currently is occupied by Iraq and Syria, by default, both countries are occupiers and racists. By the same token, it is completely true for Turkey and Iran.

To conclude this, I believe, racism had come into existence when a nation had occupied another nation's land. Otherwise, there should not be such a term as racism. For example, by being Kurdistan under occupation, say by Arabs, this by itself creates uneasy and conflicting environment or circumstance between the occupier and the occupied. This unnatural control of a group of unique human being or a nation by another nation escalates into fighting and bloodshed. As a result, hatred and dislikeness come into existence between the two nations and would eventually become racism.

What the life would be , or how beautiful the life would be if all the nations live together in peace and harmony. If we do not live in the unwise past, learn lessons from past mistakes, make the reality our goals, and seed successful accomplishment for the benefit of humanity, then our next generation would live in peace forever and would always appreciate their ancestors and their lessons.

South Kurdistan
North  Kurdistan
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