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Postcard: A little Kurdish Shepherd

This little Kurdish boy, in the postcard above, posed as a shepherd, dressed in a traditional Kurdish cloth. Such type of cloth mostly are worn in the Sorani parts of Kurdistan, especially in the mountainous areas of Hawraman and north eastern part of Kurdistan in Iran.

The vest like over top which is called " Faranji " with two extensions on the shoulders are made of pressed sheep wool. This type is mostly used for less severe weather by ordinary people. But nowadays, some people use it in Kurdish events and anniversaries like New Year " Newroz " and other celebrations as s symbol of Kurdish dress.

There is another type which covers most of the body and reaches down the knees are used by traditional shepherds and some farmers in the areas where snows too much in winter.
The long socks are also made of sheep or goat wool which wraps around the bottom of the Kurdish baggy pant " Sharwal ".

This gives more readiness and comfort for hard work and more walks in winter and does not allow rain and mud to make the lower part of the pant dirty. The top part jacket like cloth and the pant like baggy piece are also made of either sheep or goat wool. On the waist a long piece of fabric used as a wraparound belt to give better looks and more connection between the two pieces. It also can be used as a holder for a dagger or knife. Or sometimes for holding a smoker's pipe and a sack of tobacco.]

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