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New Kelle: Kelle is a newly rebuilt village nearby Mawatt,
North of Sulaymaniy, in UN protected safe-haven, August 2001

Kelle is a newly rebuilt village by its returned survivors after its destruction, deportation, and killing most of its people by Iraqi regime's army during Iraq-Iran war.

Dryeh: Photo taken in April 2001

Dryeh is a beautiful village nearby Mawatt, north of Sulaymaniy city. Its long spring provides lasting pastures for livestock and its fertile soil helps villagers grow variety of vegetables and fruits.

Dralla : Photo taken in April 2001

Dralla is  an attractive hilltop, breathtaking village near Dryeh village. Its residents busy nurturing sheep and hens. In addition to that, they produce crops, such as grain and peas.

An abandoned view,  Zallim , Sulaymaniy - Kurdistan ,  taken by Kurdo, April , 2000

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