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Uniqueness of Kurds

Kurds, like other nation have unique traits and differences that belong to only Kurds. The countries of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria that have been occupying and colonizing Kurdistan are ignoring the existence and rights of millions of Kurdish people. These countries are always in the state of denials and use varieties of forms of genocide and suppressions to eliminate and assimilate Kurds. Here below,  I list several traits of Kurdish nations and compare them to Kurdish nations occupiers.
Traits                Kurds            Turkish            Persians        Arabs
1.  Country            Kurdistan        Turkey            Iran            Iraq  and Syria
2.  Nationality            Kurds            Turks            Persian        Arab
3.  Language            Kurdish        Turkish            Farsi            Arabic
    Dialect            Sorani and        only Turkish        only Farsi        only Arabi                                 Kurmanji and several                                                                                                                                          another sub-dialects
4.  population                     34 million        15 million in Turkey    10 million in Iran    6 million in Iraq and                                                     3 million in Syria
5.  Religion            Old Zoroastrian    Muslim            Muslim            Muslim
    Islamic religion        Imposed and forced    Used as a tool        Used to protect        Originated from                 by Arabs and Turks    to settle and occupy    from Arab and Turks    Saudi Arabia
6.  Mentality            Peaceful and nature    nationalist and        Dominant power    Nationalist with                 loving people        opportunist        at other nation's     religion backup                                         expenses
7. Clothes            Traditionally unique    mixed cultures        mixed with Arabs    Traditional Arab
8. Current Status        Colonized, occupied    Millitary rule        Islamic regime with    Nationalist regime                  with no protection for    behind democracy    old ambitions        dictatorship                          Kurds